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Beautiful Reports: The Non-Designer’s Guide to Designing Business Documents

Beautiful Reports cover page

By Windward Studios

As any chef will tell you, it’s all about presentation. When creating any “composition,” whether it be a gourmet meal or a business document, providing the basics isn’t enough. The output must look appetizing, as well.

We designed this e-book to help you – the non-designer business professional – create scrumptious reports. In it, we serve up tips and techniques on how to design documents that wow your customers, your colleagues and your bosses.
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No Bugs

No Bugs Book Cover

Delivering Error-Free Code in C and C++

By David Thielen

This was written many years ago and in many ways it describes a very different world from the one we work in today. Java & C# have eliminated entire classes of bugs discussed here. Unit tests have proven themselves to be a very powerful tool. And the debugging tools we have today – wow.

But with all that said, the first two chapters here are, I think, every bit as useful and powerful as they were when first written. I trust you will find what is written in those chapters of help in writing rock solid code. And I welcome any comments on my blog. Thank you – David Thielen
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