Windward’s datasheets describe who we are and the products we offer.



The Windward Difference

Windward Studios creates software applications that simplify how businesses design and generate professional documents and reports. Our solutions are ideal for document-intensive industries such as finance, healthcare and insurance. See for yourself

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SIs: Why Choose Windward?

Windward Studios serves companies that recognize great reporting and document generation is fundamental to developing innovative business solutions. Windward is here to help systems integrators deliver the most inventive solutions to their clients.  Learn More



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Windward AutoTag Datasheet

Business professionals use the Microsoft Office add-in AutoTag to take control of report template design, no matter their technical skill level. Download the datasheet.

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Windward Engine Datasheet

The Windward Engine is a set of code libraries for enterprises that need fast and powerful report and document generation. Download the datasheet.


Windward Architecture

The Windward Architecture Guide

A diagram showing the relationships among the reporting Engine, the AutoTag template builder and the end user. Download the datasheet.

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The Windward Solution

The Windward Solution is ideal for software developers (OEMs), system integrators or any developer who needs to add reporting and document generation functionality to their desktop, online, SaaS or mobile products. Download the datasheet.


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Product Specifications

Technical specifications for all of Windward’s products. Review the datasheet.

Performance Testing

Reporting Engine Testing

Our Engines are fast. We test the performance metrics whenever we have a major change to the software, and you can see the results here. Read our performance test results.


Windward Architecture

The Javelin Reporting Portal

The Javelin reporting portal is an online platform that enables users to manage, schedule and run reports with just a few clicks. Download the datasheet.



Windward vs. SSRS cover

Windward vs. SSRS

If you’re working with SQL, Windward and SSRS are two of the more popular choices. Windward’s product team created this comparison to help you understand the merits of each. View the SSRS comparison.

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Windward vs. HotDocs

Windward and HotDocs are substantially different in their targeted use cases. This document will help you identify which tool should be used for which purpose. View the HotDocs comparison.


birt datasheet

Windward vs. Actuate BIRT

With Actuate BIRT, the process is designed to keep report development in the hands of developers and generation and analysis in the hands of end users. With Windward, business professionals can design, generate and analyze output. View the BIRT comparison.

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