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2016 Newsletters

August 2016 Issue

Aug Newsletter
  • Products: Version 15 Released!
  • CEO Corner: The Future of Reporting
  • Design Resource: How Humans Perceive Images
  • Customer Survey: Version 15 Features
  • Tech Tip: Monthly Reports Without Variables
  • Employee Profile: Connor Shore, Development Intern
  • Bonus Tech Tip: How to Apply Parent/Child Styles

July 2016 Issue

July Newsletter
  • Product News: Version 15 Sneak Peek
  • Customer Snapshot: Mid Atlantic Capital Group
  • Developer Humor: Javapocalypse
  • Products: How to Schedule Reports
  • Windward Training: AutoTag and Engine Sessions
  • Tech Tip: Color Alternating Rows in Excel Output
  • Bonus Tech Tip: Turn On Pagination in HTML


June 2016 Issue

June Newsletter
  • Products: The New Javelin Reporting Portal
  • Customer Voices: Your Favorite News Sources
  • Products: Engine Release Notes 14.x
  • Tech Tip: Create a Table Grouped By Variable
  • Windward Training: Special Session for Customers “Down Under”
  • Customer Rewards: Windward Wizards Event
  • Bonus Tech Tip: Changing the Thread Priority of the Engine

May 2016 Issue

May Newsletter
  • Products: The Windward Features Roadmap
  • Developer Humor: The Ultimate .NET vs Java Video
  • Customer Rewards: Windward Wizards
  • Case Study: Envoc
  • Windward Training: AutoTag and Engine Sessions
  • Employee Profile: Brodi Beartusk
  • Tech Tip: How Windward’s Stored Procedures Work


April 2016 Issue

April Newsletter
  • Customer Voices: The 2016 Windward Annual Survey Results
  • Product Tip: Differing Versions of AutoTag and Engine
  • CEO Corner: Windward’s Core Values
  • Entrepreneur Resource:
  • Resource: Our New Doc Wiki
  • Windward Training: AutoTag and Engine Sessions
  • Tech Tip: The Importance of Installing Fonts in Linux

March 2016 Issue

March Newsletter
  • Product News: MS Dynamics Reporting
  • Customer Voices: 2016 Windward Annual Survey
  • Product News: Improved Charting
  • Developer Resource:
  • Customer Review Site: DiscoverCloud
  • Employee Profile: Roman Matskiv
  • Tech Tip: How to Set Bullet Properties


February 2016 Issue

February Newsletter
  • Windward News: Product Release Cycle
  • Customer Snapshot: PSC
  • Windward Events: The 2016 Code Wars Champion!
  • Developer Corner: Top 10 Report Design Tips
  • Infographic: The Life Cycle of a Report Template
  • Windward Training: AutoTag and Engine
  • Tech Tip: Determining Your Number of Cores

January 2016 Issue

January Newsletter
  • New White Paper: What It’s Really Like to Work at a Startup
  • Developer Corner: How to Format Dates and Numbers in AutoTag
  • Windward Events: Code Wars Update
  • Employee Awards: Distinguished Alumni Recipient
  • Reviews: Web Conference Apps
  • Windward Training: AutoTag and Engine
  • Tech Tip: Update Multiple Tags Simultaneously


2015 Windward Newsletters

2014 Windward Newsletters

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