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Learn about reporting software best practices, easy ways to create more effective reports, and much more with Windward’s reporting and document generation white papers.

Newest White Papers

2nd Edition, Build vs. Buy: 7 Key Considerations When Adding Report Functionality to Your Application

Adding a reporting solution to a new application, or updating your current solution? Take a look at 7 key considerations you will face while making your decision. Weigh your own build vs. buy decision with a scoring worksheet   Download the white paper.




Reporting101CoverImage130x163Reporting 101

We’ve been in the reporting software industry for more than a dozen years, and along the way we’ve seen different ideas of what “reporting,” “analytics,” “business intelligence” and other terms mean. This primer brings clarity to this topic and will help you understand what sort of tool will best benefit your company. Download the white paper.


SmashReportingBottleneck130x163How to Smash the Reporting Bottleneck

As a software developer, you work hard to provide your customers with an intuitive interface, but one of most costly and time-consuming challenges you face comes when your customer struggles to use the reporting and document generation component. Learn why it doesn’t have to be like this. Download the white paper.


CoverSheet_OragamiBeautiful Reports: The Non-Designer’s Guide to Designing Business Documents

We designed this e-book to help you – the non-designer business professional – create scrumptious reports. In it, we serve up tips and techniques on how to design documents that wow your customers, your colleagues and your bosses. Download the white paper.


ReportsNoticeCover Sheet130x163How to Get Your Reports Noticed

There it sits, unopened on a desk: the report that someone (possibly you!) labored to create. That’s so wrong. Getting your report to a useful state—where it guides company decisions instead of taking up space—is a matter of understanding what makes a usable report and  using software that adds to a report’s usefulness. Download the white paper.


Hidden Costs Cover Sheet130x163The 7 Hidden Costs of Crappy Reporting Software

How much is your outdated reporting software costing you? Sure, you can add up the visible expenses such as training and maintenance fees, but it’s the hidden expenses that are having a much greater impact on your bottom line. This white paper dig deeps and helps you evaluate your current setup’s true price tag. Download the white paper.


Mobile Report Layout Best Practices

Until recently, “mobile report” was an oxymoron. Reports packed with data were anything but portable, and viewing documents on a mobile device was a chore. But as individuals increasingly access information on their phones and tablets, mobile reporting has become a necessity. This white paper lays out 10 tips, 2 topics and 1 big principle to help you design the best mobile-friendly reports. Download the white paper.


Reporting for Mobile Applications: 8 Topics to Consider

In order to help your mobile application stand out from the crowd, you need a great reporting solution that embodies responsive design. But identifying the best component to provide that for you can be a convoluted process. So we created this paper to take some of the complexity out of the evaluation process. Download the white paper.



Reporting in Software Applications

CompetitiveAdvantageCover130x163Let Reporting Be Your Competitive Advantage

Upgrading your reporting is one of the quickest ways to get the most bang for your development buck. In many cases, you can install a ready-to-run system that will work with your current setup. Download this free white paper for 4 facts and 8 compelling examples of why you should upgrade your software product’s reporting component.  Download the white paper.


Complete Checklist ThumbnailThe Complete Checklist for Evaluating Reporting Software

Many vendors make the same claims about the pure amazingness of their software, but those won’t tell you whether their app will ultimately become your competitive advantage. We’ve created a checklist that asks questions that quickly guide you to the finish line: selecting the reporting solution that’s best for your unique situation. Download the white paper.



Document Generation (DocGen)

CoverWhatsUpDoc130x163What’s Up, Doc?

The definitive guide to document generation, document management, document assembly, document automation, document creation, document collaboration, document generator and document converter – phew! This guide explains key terms, shows how they’re related, and introduces you to various programs on the market today. Download the white paper.


 DocGenRightCoverSheet130x163Document Generation Done Right

Time and money are too precious to be wasted through inefficiencies in document generation. Great document generation allows your customers or end users to efficiently create and update document templates without taxing developers. In this updated white paper, learn the what, how and why that drives the best document generation practices. Download the white paper.


Data & Databases

11DataTipsCover130x163Your Data: Friend or Foe? 11 Tips for Creating a Reporting-Friendly Database

At Windward Studios, we’ve seen time and again how structuring customer data first leads to huge time savings in report design later. This paper covers the basics of data organization and features 11 useful tips to help you organize your data in a way that will save you time and expense. Download the white paper.



Software Development

CoverSheet10 Tips to Achieve Budget Approval130x163The Top 10 Tips to Achieve Software Budget Approval

You’ve discovered a great new software application, but someone else in your company has to approve the purchase—and persuading stakeholders that the investment is in everyone’s best interests can be a tough sell. We’re here to help. These 10 tried-and-true tips will put on you the path to budget approval bliss. Download the white paper.


dns-failoverfullcover130x163Surefire DNS Failover on a Budget

Businesses everywhere depend on their websites for customer communication, enhanced branding and increased market reach, but for options for keeping this vital channel always up and always on can be bleak. Learn how a Windward created an affordable solution and achieved near perfect uptime on less than $6,500 per year.  Download the white paper.


Life at a Startup cover sheetWhat It’s Really Like to Work at a Startup

Working at a tech startup has become the stuff of myth and legends. Brutally long hours, strenuous development work, over-the-top enthusiasm – it’s a picture of a workplace environment that’s both grueling and glamorous. But forget the image and focus on the substance. This white paper contains 4 truths and 5 tips every developer should know before working at a tech startup. Download the white paper.

Windward, Bootstrapped cover sheetWindward, Bootstrapped

There’s no denying that VC money has its benefits, but it also has drawbacks. So what happens when a start-up decides to go it alone, without outside funding? Here’s the Windward story — one example of how a reporting software company went from innovative start-up to stable growth-stage business without relying on a penny of outside funding. Download the white paper.