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Windward gives you the ability to simultaneously tap directly into a range of data sources across your enterprise.

Supported Data Sources

Windward's Reporting Tools

Windward Solution Features

  • Report writing software that integrates with an extensive array of data sources
    Access virtually any SQL database, XML file or stream, SharePoint list, or Excel file containing your data.
  • Intuitive data source reporting wizards
    The most intuitive XML and SQL wizards ever (including automatically handling joins.) You can easily generate complex queries – it’s so easy that even someone new to SQL or XML can generate a wide variety of queries.
  • Powerful command functions
    Commands to select and manipulate your data are at the ready, and you can easily add your own functions for more power.
  • Connect to multiple data sources in one template
    Windward not only allows you to connect to a variety of data sources, but you can connect to as many as you need. You can even connect to different data source types in the same report using Windward’s database report writing tools.
  • Adaptability through custom data source reporting
    Is your data in a custom database or other data source? No problem. You can write a connector in about 700 lines of code, and we give you the code to our SQL or XML connector to get you started.

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