Powerful SQL Server Reporting & Document Generation via ODBC or OleDB Connections

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ODBC Logo  Windward is simply the easiest and most flexible way to create professional reports from your SQL Server database by utilizing ODBC and OleDB connections.

Create and manage an unlimited number of SQL Server reports based on tables or queries. Take advantage of a friendly wizard-style interface to select only the data you wish to view on your report, sort the data in any manner, export reports to all common formats — and much more.

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SQL Based Data Sources Support by the Windward Solution


Why Windward for SQL?

engine-sqWith Windward, you deliver better looking reports, on time.

The Windward product suite helps you embed advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing software application. The Windward Java and .NET engines quickly and cleanly embed into your codebase and connect with your SQL-based data source or sources.

By employing the Windward reporting and document generation solution, you to take advantage of SQL Server’s best features.

The advantages include:

Spend Less Time Programming

The ability to apply your existing queries, views and stored procedures allows you to get started quickly. Views and stored procedures allow you to reuse the queries you have worked so hard to perfect. Using SQL language queries directly in Windward tags enables you to harness the power of the large library of built-in functions. Windward takes advantage of these time-saving SQL features natively, allowing you to focus on template creation, not data selection.


Increase Your Data Selection Options

SQL’s functions provide you with a toolbox full of data selection options. Windward’s ability to use these functions natively extends those options, meaning less time crunching your data and more time using it.


Take Full Advantage of Joins

SQL’s joins are a great feature to link tables together by a common column. Building and perfecting them, however, is a time consuming process. Windward’s SQL wizard has a unique algorithm that will automatically create joins between your tables.

The algorithm scans your SQL Server’s meta data and distills those table relations for you. This is all bundled neatly in Windward’s SQL Wizard creating joins automatically based on the data you select.


Relax with Validated Security

You’ve worked hard to create the security layer of your SQL Server, so why use a product that doesn’t utilize it?

Windward connects and validates against your existing SQL Server security via the internal database or Active Directory enabling you to design and deliver your reports securely. Rest assured that your end users will only have access to the data they are allowed.


Design Templates with Ease

Once your programming is completed, non-developer employees and other end users apply the Windward AutoTag design tool to create report templates in Microsoft® Office®. Novice users can apply Windward’s intuitive SQL wizard to create complex queries with simple drag and drop actions, directly linking their templates to your SQL-based data source.

They can then run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted formats.



Key Benefits for SQL Server Reporting with Windward via ODBC or OleDB Connections

  • A solution that runs on YOUR platform.
    Windward is available for Java (pure Java), .NET (100% managed code) and virtually any other programming language.
  • You choose your programming language.
    Create high-performance, multi-threaded and modular applications in Java, C#, VisualBasic, C++, Python, or PHP that you can build and run on desktop, server and embedded platforms.
  • Simple to embed.
    Incorporating Windward into your program can take as little as 14 lines of code. (Note: template design is in Office but the engine does not use Office.)
  • Easy to generate complex queries.
    The SQL Wizard is so intuitive that even someone new to SQL Server reporting can generate almost any query.
  • Streamlined data access.
    Create datasets of complex views to provide simple tables to access that data.
  • Fast and flexible template design.
    You design reports in Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®, so there’s little training or learning curve – and you get a UI that is superbly designed for document generation. Plus, the non-banded design tool lets you do things that are impossible with other SQL Server reporting tools.
  • Significant time savings through reusable elements.
    Windward Pods give you a powerful way to drag and drop data tags and complex sub reports – with no limitation on the combination of documents and tags in the Pod. Plus, you can pull in additional text and documents with a single tag, repeat parts of the document, include conditional parts of the document, and more.
  • Powerful data selection.
    Commands to select data include a large number of equations and functions, and you can easily add your own for more power.
  • Lightning-fast report generation.
    Report generation is measured in pages per second, not seconds per page.

With Windward, your template is a free-form document – exactly how utilizing ODBC and OleDB connections with SQL server reporting and document generation should be.



Expect Exceptional Support

All Windward solutions include full documentation, 3-minute express training, live or on-demand training webinars, tutorials, examples, code samples, and everything else you might need.

We offer quick and courteous customer support. In the words of our customers at RepLink, “Customer service is outstanding. Windward does just what we need it to do.”



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