Data Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Automated document generation that’s flexible and fast.


Great Document Generation for Insurance Providers

Because coverage statements, benefit letters, insurance policies, reconciliation documents, explanations of benefits reports, reminder invoices, renewal certificates, and declarations pages are just some of the documents you’re responsible for, you need insurance document generation software that’s powerful AND flexible.

Windward’s document generation and reporting solutions give you the ability to quickly design, create, distribute and schedule documents. We help you best serve your clients and share vital information internally, on deadline and on budget.


Why Use Windward for Your Reporting Needs?

You need to deliver customized reports on time and within your budget.

The Windward product suite helps you deliver reports for your business no matter what your department or organization. The Windward Java and .NET engines integrate quickly and cleanly into your process.

Non-developer employees and end users apply the Windward AutoTag design tool to create their report templates in Microsoft® Office®, a tool they already know. Users can then run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted formats.

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Key Windward Benefits


    • Automated documentation for increased business efficiency
    • More timely and more accurate document generation
    • A familiar design interface with reports designed using Word and Excel, programs already in use by insurance agencies
    • Ability to create sophisticated charts and graphs to enhance any insurance policy
    • Report writing that meets requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, PATRIOT Act, ARRA, HIPAA, Health Level Seven, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Basel II and other U.S. and international acts and accords
    • Improved operational efficiency through better information sharing
    • Data pulled from unlimited, disparate data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, XML files and SQL databases
    • Increased profitability and higher margins through the use of existing IT staff
    • A higher and quicker Return on Investment
    • Lower total cost of ownership compared to other insurance document solutions


Insurance Case Study

See how an Australian insurance company shortened project cycles from years to weeks and moved document layout from flawed to flawless.


Sample Templates

Check out all of our sample templates including Insurance samples.


Partners and Customers

Windward’s insurance document generation solutions are in use by a number of insurance companies, including:

  • American Wholesale Insurance
  • Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A
  • Gruppo ITAS Assicurazioni
  • Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Personal Touch Insurance
  • Safety National Casualty Corporation
  • SwissLife Ltd.
  • VIS Insurance Ltd.
  • Zurich Insurance Company