The Definitive Reporting Solution

With each Windward solution, you get a cohesive platform that meets all your enterprise reporting, document generation, or cloud reporting needs.

Embedded Reporting

Developing a software application that needs reporting functionality? Make your application stand out from your competitors’ apps with a top-notch reporting component.

Document Generation

Windward’s unique solution is the only document generation software that lets you design, edit, and generate documents completely in Microsoft® Word and Excel®. Learn how to break free from restrictive document design tools.

Enterprise Reporting

Create custom reports better and faster with Microsoft Office as your design tool and a Java or .NET engine that connects to virtually any data source. See how to get highly customizable reports when and how you need them.

Web-Based Reporting

Windward provides secure access to your company’s data and gives you unmatched flexibility in access and control from any application, regardless of programming language. Generate and schedule reports through a secure Web interface.

Mobile Reporting

Windward’s Engines embed into your mobile app with unprecedented ease. Empower your users by empowering your apps.

End-User Reporting

End users don’t need barriers to their own data. Choose a reporting solution that allows your user group to run, edit and even design their own reports.