Mobile Reporting Software from Windward

Mobile Reporting Components for Android and Windows Devices

Windward’s Engines embed into your mobile app with unprecedented ease.

Streamlined Mobile Reporting Applications

Windward’s Java and .NET engines are the foundation for our custom reporting solution.

On top of high-performance reporting and document generation, you have access to:

  • Off-line document creation right on your tablet
  • Report generation in the field
  • API calls compatible/portable to server-based deployment
  • Compatibility on both Windows Phone and Android
  • Fast and easy integration

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Kick-Start Your Mobile App Deployment

The Windward Engine includes Catapult, a help system that provides you with application samples designed to teach you how to use the Engine. Get your mobile app up and running in record time with the world’s most powerful reporting functionality.


Selected Papers & Case Studies

Case Study: “iCropTrak”

Cogent3D thumbnail

The mobile software solutions provider decreased report-creation time and created pixel-perfect report output by integrating Windward.

Paper: “Reporting for Mobile” 


A complete checklist that asks the questions that help you to select the right reporting solution for your unique needs.

Paper: “Mobile Report Layout”

Cover Best Practices Mobile Reporting Layout130x163

This white paper lays out 10 tips, 2 topics and 1 big principle to help you design the best mobile-friendly reports.

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“Farming customers need to exactly represent government forms in their business. Windward allowed us to start with Word versions of these documents and quickly make pixel-perfect vresions with the client’s data inside.” – Aaron Hutchinson, CEO, iCropTrak