Windward Software Downloads

All of our products, right here for your downloading pleasure.

Windward Installers (New Install)

There are three ways you can download and install Windward software:

  1. Download and run the web installer. This is a small program that will then download any needed additional parts and install those parts. This is the recommended method, but it requires an Internet connection.
  2. Download and run the complete installer. This is a large program that includes every component you may need to install including Microsoft libraries and hotfixes. Once this program is downloaded, you can run it to install with no Internet connection.
  3. Download and install the Microsoft drivers and hotfixes you need individually. Then download and install the .msi installer for your specific product.

AutoTag & AutoQuery

  1. download AutoTag Web Installer – (EXE)
  2. download AutoTag Full Installer – (EXE)
  3. Install the following in order:
    1. drvrs Drivers
    2. download AutoTag for Office 32-bit – (MSI)
    3. download AutoTag for Office 64-bit – (MSI)

See the AutoTag release notes.

.NET Reporting Engine

  1. download .NET Engine Web Installer – (EXE)
  2. download .NET Engine Full Installer – (EXE)
  3. Install the following in order:
    1. drvrs Drivers
    2. download .NET Engine – (MSI)

See the Engine release notes.

Java Reporting Engine

  1. download Java Engine Web Installer – (EXE – Windows only)
  2. There is no mode 2 for Java – use the MSI below.
  3. download Java Engine – (MSI – Windows only)
  4. download Java Reporting Engine – (ZIP file – any O/S) (same content as the Windows install program)

See the Engine release notes.

RESTful Engine

  1. download RESTful Engine – (EXE) — (requires IIS)
  2. Install the following in order:
    1. drvrs Drivers
    2. download RESTful Engine – (EXE) — (requires IIS)

See the RESTful Engine release notes.

Windward Installers (Update)

Important Note: If a previous version is already installed, you only need to run the MSI for an update..

AutoTag & AutoQuery

See note in right column about 32-bit vs 64-bit installers. (A MSI file cannot install both.)

download AutoTag Update Installer 32-bit – .(MSI)(MS Office 32-bit ONLY)

download AutoTag Update Installer 64-bit – (MSI) (MS Office 64-bit ONLY)

.NET Reporting Engine

download .NET Engine Update Installer – (MSI)

Java Reporting Engine

download Java Engine Update Installer – (MSI)

download Java Engine (any O/S) – ZIP file.(same content as Windows install program)

The RESTful Engine (Formerly Javelin)

download RESTful Engine – (MSI) — (requires IIS)


Various Windward products may require additional installations. Check the full list on our drivers page.