AutoTag Release Notes for Version 16 (Released 10/6/2017)

New Features

  • Updated AutoTag UI. In addition to looking nicer, this will help with display resolution issues.
  • Added the ability to further filter and sort Data Sets within a tag query. This is a new version of the Data Sets feature and replaces the old Data Sets feature. Old Data Sets will not work with this version of Windward. This is supported for SQL, XPath 2.0, JSON and OData based Data Sources.
  • Changed ChartTag Editor for SQL, XPath 2.0 and JSON based Data Sources. The editor now requires Data Sets and limits queries to a single Data Set. This simplifies creating ChartTags by moving the query work into the Data Set. Then the person creating the ChartTag can simply drag-drop the desired fields in the editor. This behavior can be reverted by setting the registry key HKEYCURRENTUSER/Software/Windward Studios/Auto Tag/chart-editor to “classic”.


  • 23236/ATE-183 – Fixed valid JsonPath not being honored.
  • 22532/4183 – Fixed unreadable content error.
  • 22515/4188 – Fixed no output from large JSON file in Excel template.
  • 22449/4258 – Fixed takes too long to produce output.
  • 22831/4422 – Fixed DRAG/DROP from Data Bin or Tag Editor producing incorrect XPath.
  • 22990/4458 – Fixed cells above and to the right of ForEach Tags are merged and centered.
  • 22555/4207 – Fixed freeze, crash, and report generation time issues.
  • 23017/4497 – Fixed Stored Procedure Wizard parameter values missing.
  • 22198/22650/3988 – Fixed Excel does not evaluate Out tag conditional formatting.
  • 22989/4468 – Fixed Word chart styles are not preserved in PDF reports.
  • 22870/4407 – Fixed clicking on ‘Update PODs’ button raises an exception.
  • 21964/3821 – Fixed PDFs with incorrect paragraph justification.
  • 22164/3998 – Fixed carriage return is inserted before each POD in template when ‘Update PODs’ is executed.