Windward General Terms of Use

  • You must have a separate license for each system on which you execute Windward code. A system is defined as a single virtual machine if running on a VM.  If running directly on a computer, it is the computer itself.
  • See End-User License Agreement for additional specifics.
  • You do not need a client license for machines used to solely to view generated reports. (Only for the machine used to create the reports – generally a central server).
  • The Standard Server License is not a license to install on an unlimited number of machines. A single license for a standard server allows it to be run on one machine only.
  • A server license has a maximum number of “cores.” This is the total number of cores the Software “sees,” therefore a dual core processor is two cores & hyper-threading (if turned on) counts as multiple cores because each hyper-thread is a distinct core as seen by the software. A server license also has a maximum number of threads, which is only used if the host machine has more cores than the maximum number of licensed cores. In the case of more cores than the core limit, the license will allow only the maximum number of threads generating reports simultaneously – across all virtual machines on the system. Click here to find out.
  • Each license is valid for applications running under the credentials of a single user.  If you run the Software on a single VM under multiple user credentials (i.e. on a Citrix server), a separate license is required for each user running an application calling the Software.
  • The Developer License is for development only. It may not be used as a production or end user system. The Developer License allows a single report to be concurrently generated, for a maximum of 250 reports per day.
  • A DCL (Distributed Client License) includes a personal use engine (not for server use) & an AutoTag; with a limit of 100 reports per day, generating a single report at a time.
  • You must purchase annual maintenance for either all licenses or none.
  • A one-year Maintenance & Support contract is mandatory for every new customer purchase.
  • If you have a license key rated for a certain version, it will work with all previous versions, but none of the versions released later.
  • The standard Windward license agreement is for enterprise, internal-use only. Application Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors are licensed separately.
  • Each AutoTag license runs on a maximum of 4 cores.
  • If you have any questions, please e-mail


End-User License

Windward Trademarks

When referencing the company, you must use the following format and capitalization for the first instance only: Windward Studios, Inc. Following that use, you can refer to the company simply as Windward.

If you reference Windward’s products, you must use the following format and capitalization for the first instance only:

  • Windward AutoTag™
  • Windward Engine™
  • Windward Javelin™ (Now the Windward RESTful Engine™)