Windward Customer Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about the benefits of working with Windward:

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“Windward is the best solution available for Presentation and On-Demand Reporting because of its small footprint. Other solutions have too large of a footprint to generate the speed of reporting that Windward is able to do.”

– Ethan Kayes, Aon Hewitt

“Windward is the core piece that makes this happen. I’m a non-programmer, and I was able to write this application. Windward is the solution that allowed me to come in and hit our budget right on the money.”

– Arland Head, Director of IT, LeBlanc’s Food Stores

“We bought White Clarke’s CALMS as our Loan Origination System, and it uses Windward to produce legal documents. With our previous system, we could not add or change documents, and so had to live with whatever we had, or devise a Word template. Windward is an enabler for us.”

Wayne Cook, Community Savings Bank

“Unlike Crystal Reports, with Windward we can create some really sexy reports that are visually pleasing for the viewer.”

Steve Zacharidis, InfoComp

“Before using Windward, I spent half my time designing and scripting reports to meet the bank’s requirements. With Windward, we can lay out a report in Word and get immediate approval from the client.”

-S.S. Mohanty, Nucleus Software

“Windward allows us to better serve our customers by providing them with the precise reports they need to manage their business.”
-Aaron Hutchinson, President, iCrop Trak

“Overall [Windward] provided a great advantage to us in this competitive landscape.”

Anil Annadata, CEO, CodeObjects

“Clients tell us changes they can now do in 10 minutes would have cost $50,000 or more with their previous solution.”

Martin Stewart, Director of Strategy, Axe Group Pty Ltd.

“The speed of design is definitely saving us time compared to JasperReports.”
-Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Application Security Engineer, Aspect Security

“Windward is an awesome product. The highly integrated XML-SAX-Parsed RTF mapping along with iText Sharp generated awesome output. It’s a must try for persons looking for a solution which can dynamically generate extremely complex PDFs as an output.”

-Amit Kumar Das, Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy Service

“The most important [improvement to our organization] is how we have been able to produce much more persuasive and professional reports than our peers.”
-Paul Schneider, Principal, Mid Atlantic Capital Group

“I definitely recommend AutoTag Template Designer to anyone looking to improve their reporting services.”

-Christopher Thorndike, Software Developer, AmWINS

“We’re thrilled to have found this product!”

– Gary Flauder , Owner, Electronic Learning Arts

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“We did with Windward in about 8 hours what it took us 3-4 weeks to do with jasper reports – that’s downright impressive.”

– Jon Charnas, WitchLake

“I recommend this product. AutoTag is a flexible and user-friendly system.”

– Marcin Borratynski, Programmer Analyst, CERN

“Our previous solution was time-consuming and required us to deploy an entire report set to correct a single report. The ability to deploy single reports with Windward Reports is much better and a huge benefit.”

“Overall, we’ve been able to streamline our reporting component, and those benefits in turn are passed along to our customers. Windward Reports has helped us strengthen our position as the top project logistics software developer in the world.”

–  Chuck Hanebuth, HAL, Inc.

“Awesome product. Highly integrated XML-SAX-Parsed RTF mapping along with iText Sharp generated awesome output. Must try for persons looking for a solution which can dynamically generate extremely complex PDFs as an output.”

– Amit Kumar Das, Systems Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

“There was tremendous time savings in being able to take the layouts of the old templates and just have to make minor hooks into Windward data sources and just replace the Word Form fields we were using with Windward tags. The time savings garnered by not having to have someone redo the more complicated table layouts was huge.”

– David Boodey, RepLink

“With Windward, our customers can design compelling solutions and automatically generate proposal and quote documents in minutes, rather than the hours it was taking them previously.”

– Ian Cross, Co-Founder, servicePath LLC

“Windward is by far the best tool we saw, and I think you’ve got a good product!”

– Anders Brunland, Manager of Web & Integration, OBOS

“Windward helps us give our Members a consistent, quick and accurate experience at the time of onboarding, [and] this allows us to spend more time on meaningful conversations that help Conexus determine the best ways to serve our Members’ needs.”

– Kevin McCormack, Technology Solutions Manager, Conexus Credit Union

“The key for us is allowing our non-developers – those who understand and know the content – to create reports. It makes the process of report building much simpler.”

– John Humphrey, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, July Business Services

“If you need to generate multi-page PDF documents in fractions of a second based on simply tagged word documents and some data to fill in the blanks then these are the people to talk to. Windward Reports does much more – but even for this it is worth the cost.”

– Jason G , CTO, White Clarke Group

In reference to customer service. “[It’s] excellent. Always got a response within hours and fixes or guidance quickly.”

– Ian Neill, Data Group Developer, Envision Pharma Group

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“Thank goodness for Windward. We had been wasting hundreds of hours hand coding report templates because of stringent layout requirements. Windward automates the process and helps us get our customers the data they need.”

“Plus, integrating the .NET Engine was a no-brainer. We just dropped the ASP code example that Windward provided into our app, tweaked the code in four places, and the software was up and running.”

– Tom Nazelli, president and CEO of ArtsVision

“Customer service is outstanding. Windward Reports does just what we need it to do.”

– Evelyn Gray, RepLink

“Compared to systems where both layout and data must be coded, as we did before, the process of creating a report is at least 5 times faster.”
“I would recommend Windward Reports to other companies, not just because it is a nice product, but also because the Windward Reports technical support team listens to customers’ needs and responds very fast.”

Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen, Backbone Digital Systems

“From a technical point of view, Windward was very easy and flexible to integrate. Just a few lines of code were needed.”
“We’d like to reiterate that Windward as an agency has been great to work with. They’ve been really responsive.”

– Mark Knutson, Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA)

“The flexibility of the tool is one of the most likable parts of Windward, along with the great support response time.”

– Vivek Sethia, CEO and cofounder, B2-USA

“We have hundreds of templates and generate thousands of documents. It is all automated. It works great when you need to do this as part of a greater business process. I would highly recommend this product.”

– Jim Schwan, CIO, Preferred Credit Incorporation

“In the set up we had a few questions on some very detailed modifications and the customer service was amazing!!!! It was very easy and turn around time on customer request was the best we have experienced.”

– Ted Peters, COO, ButtonIntel

“Highly recommend it for companies looking for a new tool to create their company reports in.”

– Jim Aiken, SVP, High Line Corporation

“Our Project Managers love it because it cuts down dramatically on the time it takes to do daily reports. They can do it on their way home.”

– Yoel Borgenicht, President, King Rose Construction

“The support page on their website is one of the most extensive support catalogs of any software I’ve ever seen.”

-Gregory B., geoAMPS

“AutoTag is built within the Office suite and is therefore able to leverage all the familiar features. This is very useful when you need to make reports useful and appealing.”

– Anthony Vengrofski, Programming Team Lead, GTECH Printing Company

“We Switched Because Windward Offered Better Maintenance.”

– Paul Dillon, Business Analyst, Towers Watson Limited


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