Link tag


To make links in an AutoTag document that point to web documents, or anchors within a Word document, based on location information retrieved from a database


Inserting a Tag, Connecting to your XML data

Starting Template

Before starting this tutorial, create an XML datasource using the LinksDemo.xml file (found in Documents/AutoTag/data if you installed the samples when you installed AutoTag) You can refer to the Create an XML Datasource tutorial if required.


1. Insert Link Tag

Insert a Link tag and select "URL" as its data in the "Data tree" When generated, anything between the Link tag and the End Link tag will turn into a link which points to the address retrieved from the datasource. In the Bookmark Tag tutorial, we'll go over how to use a Link tag to point to another location in a Word document.

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2. Insert Out Tag

Now insert an out tag and select "Title" as it's data--this is the accompanying text that will be displayed as a link.

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3. Insert End Link Tag

Now insert an End Link tag. This denotes the end of the link.

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4. Generate Output

Finally generate the output and enjoy the results. Do this by clicking Output, and then DOCX.

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Quiz Yourself!

Which tag sequence is correct?
[link] [out]
[link: [out] :link]
[link: :link]
[link] [out] [/link]
True/False: You can use a link tag to link to other locations in the document.


You have completed this tutorial. We recommend taking a look at the Bookmark Tag - Link to locations with a document tutorial next!