Using PODs


To make a document template by dragging and dropping PODs into the template.

Background Information

Don’t be fooled by the number of steps in this tutorial. About half of them are just showing off that the POD actually worked! (i.e. Steps 5, 7 and 10)


Creating a POD

Starting Template

We will start with a blank document in this tutorial, but you need the POD file (*.rdlx) created in the Creating a POD tutorial.


1. Open POD bin

To access PODs, you can load them from the Load Pods button in the AutoTag Manager ribbon, but since we will be using thePod bin later, it will be more convenient to go ahead and load PODs through it. To open it, simply click the Pod bin icon in the AutoTag ribbon.

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2. Click File and Add local

Click the Browse button and locate the POD (*.rdlx) file you created in Creating a POD to open it.

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3. Drag MSSQL to document

All you have to do now is drag in all of the PODs you created before. First We’ll check out the MSSQL POD which contains the MSSQL datasource.

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4. Check Datasources

Open up the Datasources window to see that the MSSQL datasource has indeed been added to the template. This is in the AutoTag Manager ribbon.

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5. Drag AutoTagVar POD to document and check parameters

Now drag in the parameter POD you created called AutoTagVar. The result isn’t immediately obvious. Open the Parameters window to verify this POD.

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6. Drag Header and CategorySales1997 to document

Now drag the Header you created to the document and see that the text and formatting is just the way you left it. With this, you can see that AutoTag PODs can be used for more than just carrying over datasources, Parameters and complex tags! Finally, drag in the CategorySales1997 POD. The full table including the End ForEach tag all get inserted in the document, and you barely had to do a thing!

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7. Generate document

You now have a full template, so click Output and choose a format to see the generated document!

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Show Me How!

Quiz Yourself!

How easy is it to create a document using PODs that have already been created?
It’s pretty complicated and finnicky. PODs are great if you have the technical know-how
You won’t believe how easy it is! All you do is drag and drop!
PODs are the document; you can only insert one POD into a document. The POD is just where someone else already created the template for you.
It is easier than creating a template from scratch, but there are still a lot of steps, and it’s a painful, difficult process.
What can you not do with PODs?
Re-use complex formatting from other documents
Generate raw data to put in a database to use for my document generation.
Create a re-use system such that the more experienced AutoTag users can do some of the more complicated tasks, while other users work on layout or formatting.
Carry AutoTag tags over to other documents to save time when the same tag setup is needed in multiple documents


You have completed this tutorial. We recommend taking a look at the tutorial next!