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Dave, Windward's founder and CEO, is passionate about building superb software teams from scratch and dramatically improving the productivity of existing software teams. He's really proud that he once created a game so compelling (Enemy Nations) that a now-professional World of Warcraft player lost his job for playing it incessantly on company time. You can read more from Dave on his personal blog, and at Huffington Post.

Posted on 03/01/2016

The DOCX spec has some pretty convoluted paths to determining the formatting of an object. But this one may be the ultimate in complexity. Take a look at paragraphs 3 & 4 in this document. How is this set? Well… First, look at document.xml and the entire paragraph xml. We can see the numPr element […] …read more

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Posted on 02/25/2016

Editor’s note: Windward’s CEO, David Thielen, is writing a series of blog posts on company core values. This is the second post in the series. Click here for the first, “Create a Team of ‘A’ Players.” When my daughters needed help with their high school math or physics, I would discuss the problem with them, […] …read more

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Posted on 02/18/2016

At Windward, we focus heavily on our core values because doing so makes us a much better company. Having core values holds all of us to a higher standard. So I wanted to share publicly just what makes Windward’s core values what they are. Today marks the first post in a series of blog posts […] …read more

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Posted on 02/11/2016

Now that Code Wars 2016 is over, here are some things I’ve learned. Beta Testing My biggest frustration is we can’t do a real beta test of the challenge. We have to keep it secret and so we test here at Windward. We spend a day where everyone actually codes up a client as our […] …read more

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Posted on 01/13/2016

Providing access to your database can lead to horrible data breaches, such as when China pulled down all federal employee data from the Office of Personnel Management. Regardless of the security you put in place, fundamentally all the information in your database is accessible to the right query, with the correct credentials. Your only protection […] …read more

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