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Heidi has been writing professionally about computers, technology and the Internet for more than 20 years. She lives in Vermont where she taps her maple trees for syrup and most of the year wishes it was just a little bit warmer out.

Posted on 12/15/2015

Our Boulder headquarters is in the midst of a massive snowstorm. Just how massive? One survivor’s tale: …read more

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Posted on 11/05/2015

How a Successful Software Company Blossomed Without a Penny of Venture Capital Money It can be tough to create a start-up, whether or not you have an influx of venture capital investment. But there’s no denying that VC money has its benefits. The security of money in the bank can help increase customer confidence, draw […] …read more

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Posted on 08/14/2015

Exactly how much is your outdated reporting software costing you? It’s a question without an obvious answer. Sure, you can add up the visible expenses such as training and maintenance fees, but it’s the hidden expenses that are having a much greater impact on your bottom line. Because of these hidden costs, your outdated and […] …read more

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Posted on 07/01/2015

NOTE: Windward development intern John Zavidniak is spending several semesters at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Here is his account of the experience so far. My time in Korea has been quite interesting and a bit different from what I expected (though this has been the best semester I’ve had so far). The Point […] …read more

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Posted on 06/16/2015

How do you best display a report’s complex data on the relatively small screen of a mobile device? We’ve created a new white paper that gets to the heart of that very question. “Mobile Report Layout Best Practices” lays out 10 tips, 2 topics and 1 big principle for making your reports and documents look […] …read more

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