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All About AutoTag’s Tags!

Posted on 05/18/2016

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As we continue to overhaul our documentation wiki to make it more useful to customers, we’re adding fresh articles and also revising some “oldies but goodies.”

Today’s featured article falls under the latter category. Whether you’re new to AutoTag or want to brush up on the basics, “All About AutoTag’s Tags” can help you get the most out of using tags in your templates — and maybe teach you a few new tricks!

Three Things To Remember About Tags


  1. Tags have consistent colors. Once you start associating data with your tags, they no longer show their tag-type name. Instead, they show part of the name of the data you associated, such as “Customers.”  To help you know what kind of tag it is from a glance, each tag has an assigned color.

  3. Some tags can be used alone.  Granted, they can’t do much on their own, but they can still be used. You can use an Out Tag to pull in one image.  You could use an Import Tag to pull in one sub-report. Combining them with a tag like the ForEach Tag can give you powerful results.

  5. Paired or grouped tags need to be turned off. Some tags have a beginning and ending tag.  Like a car, you have to turn it on to use it, and you have to remember to turn it off. Some of these tags must be used in conjunction with other related tags in order to do anything. They may also require the incorporation of stand-alone tags.

Your Questions About Tags — Answered!

Can I copy and paste tags? What’s the best way to delete a tag? Where in my document can I place tags? Why do my template’s table cells look too tall or too short? Should I add tags differently in Excel than I do in Word or PowerPoint?

Get answers to all these questions and more, along with some best practices tips, in the wiki article “All About AutoTag’s Tags.

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Author: Beth Billington

Beth enjoys using her writing and graphic design background for writing easy-to-follow help content. She loves learning – whether at work or at home – and spends her free time hiking, doing landscape photography, playing music, baking and pursuing all kinds of hand crafts.

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