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Announcing Windward Wizards: An Exclusive Rewards Club for Customers!

Posted on 08/27/2015

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Hey to all you amazing Windward customers. We know you are the driving force behind our success. You’re reporting and docgens wizards and it’s time we gave back by rewarding you for it.

The New Windward Wizards Program

That’s why we designed Windward Wizards, a new portal that shows our appreciation for the great things you do:

Windward Wizards Home Page

You get involved in exactly the ways you like and earn valuable points for each activity. With these points you can:

  • Earn gift cards, recognition and other great prizes
  • Establish yourself on the Windward Wizards leaderboard
  • Earn badges and recognition as you go

How it Works

You earn points, badges and recognition for completing what we call “challenges.”  For example, click on the Referral challenge shown above and this is what you’ll see:

Coffee Challenge Border

The rest of the challenge tells you how to unlock the gift card by making a referral. You’ll find a wide range of challenges, from fun (which famous wizard are you?) to educational (get some tips in our documentation wiki) to social (follow us on Twitter for some fabulous points).

As you complete challenges, you can make your way up the lifetime points Leaderboard while you cash in those points for exclusive rewards.

Interested in joining? Send The Windward Team an email and let us know!

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Author: Patrick Bates

A marketing and analysis leader with years of professional experience in the software and technology industry, Patrick has a natural ability for updating and improving processes ranging from small email campaigns to transcontinental advertising projects. When not at the office, Patrick can be found hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges of Colorado.

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