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Windward’s Improved HTML and PDF Charts

Posted on 03/08/2016

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Recently our development team has worked on giving our charting output a big boost, especially with regards to HTML and PDF charts.

We now support a number of new Microsoft Office chart features, including:

  • Color styles
  • All 10-15 Chart Styles that you can select from the Chart Styles gallery
  • Gradient fills
  • Pattern fills
  • Theme colors
  • Transparent colors
  • Basic 3D pie chart support
  • Pie sector outlines
  • And many other features

The pictures below do the talking. On the left we have the current version and on the right is what we had before.

Pie Chart Styles

pie chart styles

Line Chart Styles

line chart styles

Bar Chart Styles

bar chart styles

More Bar Chart Styles

bar chart styles 2

Area Chart Styles

area chart styles

Bubble Chart Styles

bubble chart styles

Pattern Fill Styles

pattern fills

Basic Pie 3D Styles

NOTE: 3D pies wouldn’t render in past versions.

basic pie 3d

Office 2013+ Pie Chart Styles

office 2013 plus pie

Office 2013+ Line Color Styles

office 2013 plus line color

More Office 2013+ Line Color Styles

office 2013 plus line color 2

Office 2007/2010 Pie Color Styles

pdf charts in office 2007 2010

More on HTML and PDF Charts

Our documentation wiki contains lots of information on how to work with charts in AutoTag. To learn more, head to the article on the Chart Tag.

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Author: Roman Matskiv

Roman Matskiv is a marketing enthusiast currently working on getting Windward into the Fortune 500 list. Originally from Ukraine, he came to United States in 2007 to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. In his free time, Roman can be found running through canyons in the Utah desert, trying to catch the biggest fish in Colorado, or casually hammering on his keyboard and mouse trying to beat his opponents online.

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