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New Product Announcement: Windward Version 15 is Here!

Posted on 08/11/2016

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Today is the official release date of the newest version of Windward AutoTag and the Windward Engine.

The theme of version 15 is usability. Our product engineering team has been hard at work creating a top-notch user experience. We spent a lot of time listening to customers and trying to understand how most people use our product, and we’ve taken steps to improve the workflow and (hopefully) make life easier for everyone.

Sleeker Icons

One of the big changes you’ll notice immediately are the new icons in the AutoTag and AutoTag Manager tabs. The functionality behind the buttons is (mostly) the same, but we love the new feel of the icons and hope they do a better job of visually conveying their purpose.


The AutoTag v15 menu.

Smoother Data Connection Process

Another change that should be readily apparent is a redesign of the Data Source Connection and Wizard windows. Our major goal was to condense the functionality of the old Data Source Connection window and Wizard into a single window. We’re now doing in 1 window what used to take 3.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the window, both excellent and otherwise, from our Beta testers so please let us know what you think and expect future updates to the window.

Continued PDF Improvements

Inconsistencies between templates and PDF output have long been a major headache for our customers and developers alike, but we’ve touched up our output Engine to alleviate a lot of these inconsistencies. We are continuing to further refine the output Engine to make it accurate as possible.

sample word v15

Side-by-side comparison of version 15 sample template output in Microsoft Word and PDF.

Faster Report Generation

Finally, we’ve done a lot of work under the covers to help AutoTag and our Engines run faster and smoother. A major effort was undertaken here at Windward to alleviate show stopping errors and bugs. While we aren’t at the finish line yet, we think we’re making excellent progress.

XPath 2.0 Support

By providing XPath 2.0 (also called XQuery) support, dates are now dates as opposed to strings 1.0, so you can do inequalities. This also adds descending sort for the Java engine. (Our extended 1.0 XPath was ascending and descending sorts in .NET but ascending only in Java.) And there’s a lot more including things like joins and more functions.

Get Version 15

Ready to see this in action for yourself?

New Users

To download a free, 7-day trial of Windward Version 15, visit our Trial Downloads Page.

Current Customers

If your maintenance contract is current, you are already eligible to use version 15 with these easy steps.

If your maintenance contract  has lapsed, no problem.

  • Contact your Windward account representative directly or our sales staff by emailing or calling (303) 499-2544.
  • Our staff will assist you with reinstating your maintenance and upgrading your license keys.


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Author: Adam Jackson

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