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OSCA Can Wait

Posted on 10/04/2017

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** If you are a fan, there will be NO SPOILERS, only light innuendo of guilt **

“YOU did it, Darby” proclaimed EVERYONE at work, pointing their fingers at me, snickering behind my back. My age-old work nightmare was coming true. All except my name is Lesley (thank heavens!), and I am not a Las Vegas magician turned amusement park tycoon, I am the Marketing Campaign Manager at Windward Studios. But today, I was Darby Cerulean, powerful, mysterious, and wealthy figurehead of the Las Vegas magic scene. Today, I was confident of my innocence, if not the strength of my alibi than the blackmail money in my bank account.

This is what a Friday looks like when the yearly Windward Studios Kickball Event is canceled due to rain. Only an hour earlier, I am sure, we were all thinking “So much for a fun early-from-work-kickball-game,” and our CEO, Dave, announces “There has been a MURDER… but don’t panic”. (OSCA and the Boulder Police can wait…)

He passes out cards, addressed to people with Clue-like names. We opened the card to reveal the character we would play for the rest of the rainy day. There was loose Jude Plum, a Hollywood socialite (normally Shirley, Strategic Advisor), Cricket Pewter, a sneaky gossip columnist (normally Paul, Software Manager), and Blue Coral, scorned Las Vegas hair-stylist (Blue in IRL, Marketing Automation Specialist).

Blackmail, threats, and gossip were flying the way we say doc gen, reporting, and AutoTag. Email, leads, and code were ignored for more pressing make-believe matters. The scene of the crime was located outside the main casino floor (normally near Development offices), where our 7th-grade acting chops came to a head, and a confession is squeezed out.

Without skipping a beat, Dave did a mic drop on Friday, and we started the weekend.

UPDATE: Kickball has been rescheduled for later in the fall — indoors, which should look more like a large indoor pinball arcade.

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Author: Lesley Simon

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