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How Windward’s Stored Procedures Work

Posted on 04/27/2016

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Recently this ticket came across our support desk. It’s valuable info that many of our customers can benefit from, so I decided to share it in a blog post.

Question Part 1

I’m trying to use the stored procedure on my report but AutoTag won’t let me drag and drop the stored procedure on the report.

Could you give me more insight about how to access at least the Stored Procedure Wizard?

Answer Part 1

Stored procedures are not meant to be dragged onto the document like some other items are.

What you’d want to do is insert a tag to the document and then associate that tag to the stored procedure via the Data Tree. Once you do this, the Stored Procedure Wizard pops up.

Here’s what it looks like:

stored procedure image

Or, to break it down into steps:

  1.  Add a tag.
  2. Click on Data Tree.
  3. Select the Stored Procedure from the drop-down menu.
  4. The Stored Procedure Wizard appears.

So far so good, but our customer had a follow-up question.

Question Part 2

Every time that I’m working on a new report and add an SQL server connection to the database, it brings all the database elements with it such as tables, views and stored procedures.

But once I close the document and reopen it, all my stored procedures are not there anymore. I can’t find them unless I recreate a new SQL server connection to the same database.

Why is that happening? Is there a way to fix that?

Answer Part 2

There are several places where you will see your data source. There is the Data Bin and there is the Data Tree. The one in the picture above is the Data Tree.

You interact with stored procedures from the Data Tree, not the Data Bin (the bin is on the right side of the page, the tree is in the middle).

So you should be able to see them  there.

More Info on Stored Procedures

If you have other questions on stored procedures, be sure to check out our documentation wiki article, The Stored Procedure Wizard.

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Author: Luis Hernandez

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