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The One-Minute ReadyTalk Review

Posted on 09/02/2015

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Editor’s note: Windward is in the midst of evaluating a replacement program for our third-party Web conferencing software. This is the third post in the series. 

My assignment was to check out and write up a ReadyTalk review. My conclusion is that ReadyTalk is a great tool (with a ton of fantastic features) that requires some training.

ReadyTalk review interface

The Good

ReadyTalk is packed with useful features, such as:

  • Two modes: Present and Collaborate. You can set up a session so that only promoted presenters can share. Or, you can set it up so that all participants are co-presenters, which is a valuable tool for smaller teams working together on shared resources.
  • Numerous conference control options.  Put everyone in listen only mode, let people stay on the  conference when you hang up, and prevent new people from joining — choose from as many of these as you’d like.
  • Added security. You can set a web conference security code that people have to enter in order to join in.
  • An “operator” button. Just click this to get assistance if the audio is flaky.
  • Many useful features. ReadyTalk has a white board, a way to record a meeting, the ability to set up polling questions to play during the meeting, and a feature that lets you upload a presentation to ReadyTalk and run it instead of sharing your screen.

The Not-So-Good

ReadyTalk has some minor limitations, including:

  • Video limits. You can insert video but there is a 100MB limit, and I couldn’t determine if this can be increased.
  • Latest version of Flash required. For the web cam to work I got a message that I had to first install the latest version of Adobe Flash, but I still couldn’t use my webcam.

Will We Switch?

Despite how much my co-worker and I love this tool, I’m sad to say we probably won’t switch now because we have not yet gotten internal buy-in. ReadyTalk would be fantastic for webinars and webcasts, and the presentation features are awesome. We’ll be revisiting the decision to not switch in a few months.

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Author: Valerie Schilling

Valerie is passionate about people. Her strengths, with many years in the tech industry, are deeply rooted in relating and communicating. Valerie has an unparalleled tenacity to ensure the people she works with get what they need. Even if your problem is not solved immediately, your day will be brightened by her intelligent and cheerful demeanor.

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