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Changing the Thread Priority of the Engine

Posted on 06/01/2016

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At Windward, we put a lot of effort into making sure our Engines are as fast and powerful as possible. Today’s post shows you how to get better performance while running reports.

engine-sqProblem:  When generating a very large document, sometimes the CPU maxes out and the server is unresponsive for several minutes.

A customer submitted this issue to our support team. He noted that he was looking for a way to set his Service to a lower priority in order to allow new document requests to be generated.

The goal was to not use all the server resources on one document but to allow room for other requests from the Engine to be serviced.

Solution: Set the worker thread of your application to use a background priority.

The Engine does not create or change settings on threads. It always runs in the context of the thread it is called from.

To fix this problem, simply change the Thread.Priority of the Engine to background when you set your application’s thread priority. This will allow your system to lower resource scheduling priorities so that it can perform background work without adversely affecting foreground activity. And if you have a number of parallel jobs, you can use a Queue.

For More Information

To learn more about the metrics of the Windward Engine, be sure to check out the Windward Engine Performance Scorecard.

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Author: Dathan Ellis

Dathan used to be a software engineer but found that he loves working with people too. Now he uses his technical expertise to help clients build powerful custom applications in complex environments.

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