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MS Dynamics Reporting Now Available with Windward

Posted on 02/16/2016

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MS Dynamics LogoOur team has been hard at work and we have some good news for those of you using Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Windward now supports MS Dynamics reporting.

Newly added to version 14, you can now access MS Dynamics data and plug it into your reports and documents.

How AutoTag’s MS Dynamics Reporting Works

MS Dynamics presents an OData service that AutoTag can connect to. Once properly configured, you can then use AutoTag to create on-the-fly reports using Microsoft Dynamics as a source of data.

This is what it will look like in the AutoTag datasource connector dialog box:

ms dynamics datasource connector

Before you’ll be able to use MS Dynamics as a data source, however, Oauth2 must be properly set up to handle the Authentication process. (The OData service in MS Dynamics uses Oauth2 to authenticate third party applications via an authorization service such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).)

For more information, please visit the detailed how-to page in our documentation wiki: Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics as Datasource.

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Author: Luis Hernandez

Luis is an honorably discharged US Army veteran with 15 years of IT experience and has filled engineering roles for companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and McGraw-Hill. When not researching/learning about the next big thing in technology, Luis enjoys making glass art, participating in IDPA competitive shooting events and exploring the Colorado Rockies in his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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