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Windward Version 15: The 2-Minute Intro to Data Source Connections

Posted on 08/18/2016

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If you’ve downloaded and installed the recently released Windward Version 15, you’ve likely noticed a few changes from previous versions. (And if you’re new to Windward and this is the first time you’ve used the software, welcome!) Today marks the first in a short series of blog posts designed to introduce you our latest version.

With the new User Interface introduced in version 15, connecting to your data source is slightly different compared to earlier versions. Here’s a 2-minute look at what you need to know (and a link to the details in our documentation wiki.)

The Interface

Here’s where you’ll find the Data Source Connector:


It includes some handy visual aids: yellow triangle for no source, green circle for successful connection, red circle for problematic connection.

Two Key Features

  • The lower button with drop-down allows you to open the Data Source Connection window, open the Data Source wizard, or select any recently used data sources.
  • The Data Source Connection Editor has been condensed to a single window. Please send us your feedback as we work to make the data source connection process as smooth as possible.

Three Common Questions

  1.  Q: How do I add or remove a data source from my template? A: By clicking a data source in the Recent Inactive list and selecting Connect in the Details Pane; or by connecting to a new data source under the New tab by selecting the data source type, entering the URL or filepath, entering required credentials, and selecting Connect.
  2. Q: How do I add multiple data sources to my template? A: By opening the Connections tab and double-clicking on each data source; or again by connecting to a new data sources not currently saved in the Connecting Editor window using the steps above.
  3. Q: What happened to the DataSet options? A: They’re still there and now under the Details pane.


That’s it for our quick look. You’ll find all the details in our wiki article Connect to a Data Source in v15.

P.S. To get a copy of V15, head here if you’re a customer current on maintenance or head here if you’re a new user or other customer.

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