Windward's Powerful Java Report Engine

Reporting and document generation for your Java application.

The Windward Java Reporting Engine is a set of code libraries for integrating reporting and document generation into both internal and commercial software applications.

The solution is easy to embed, and you can connect the Java Report Engine to virtually any data source.

Used together, the Java Engine and the AutoTag template designer give you free-form report design with a fast and flexible application component.


Embedded Java Tools

The Java Engine greatly simplifies the process of adding reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing application. You can integrate the Engine in as little as 14 lines of code.


Who is the Engine for?

    • You want user-friendly reporting functionality that makes your customers happy.
    • You need to format documents precisely and without restrictions.
    • You want to pull data from one or more sources simultaneously.
    • You want your end users to have control over document design and remove your developers from the business of template creation and modification.
    • You want to lower your development costs and have someone else focus on adding new features to the software.


Catapult: Your Launching Point to Great Reporting

Every copy of the Windward Engine includes Catapult, an all-in-one tutorial, trial guide and launchpad. Catapult helps you get started quickly with integrating the Engine code libraries into your application. See what you can do with Catapult.


System Requirements for the Java Engine

      • Java 1.7 or higher.
      • If you are running Java on a Unix system, all fonts used in the templates must be properly purchased and installed for a Unix system.


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