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iCropTrak Harvests Success through Windward and Yellowfin

Worldwide the increase in food production is lagging behind the increase in population. Farmers need to find ways to produce twice as much food as we are producing today just to keep pace with population growth. So farmers are turning to analytics to help them better understand and manage their fields, their soil and their farms.

iCropTrak CEO Aaron Hutchinson, Windward Product Manager Ryan Fligg and Yellowfin Product Manager John Ryan will demonstrate how iCropTrak incorporates the Windward and Yellowfin solutions to create an effective reporting and BI tool.

Want to Become a Better Developer? Cheat!

Ever wonder why developers who can’t code half as well as you manage to produce twice as much as you in the same time frame? They’re better at the game, and their dirty secret is: they cheat.

Join Dave Thielen, the founder of Windward Studios, for a 30-minute Webcast that will teach you a number of simple practices that will help you deliver better code, faster.

How to Choose a Reporting System for Your Application

Let Ryan Fligg, Windward Product Manager, provide the insights you need to effectively evaluate and select a reporting solution that meets your needs.


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