Report Writing for the Energy Industry

Because efficiency is vital for your customers and your bottom line.

Harnessing a Different Sort of Power

Powerful and flexible report writing is a crucial factor in increasing your energy company’s productivity. Your customers need accurate data on consumption, distribution, kilowatt hours, therms used, net metering and more, and they need it in an easy-to-understand format.

Windward understands the challenges of reporting within the energy industry. Windward’s reporting and document generation software allows you to easily design and customize templates with your data – enabling you to generate and edit reports and documents faster than ever before.

Why Use Windward for Your Reporting Needs?

You need to deliver customized reports on time. You shouldn’t need to go to a developer each time you want to modify or create a custom report template.

The Windward Solution consists of two separate products: the Engine code libraries and the AutoTag template designer.

The Windward Java and .NET engines integrate quickly and cleanly into your process and are powerful enough to handle your data requirements.

Non-developer end users utilize the Windward AutoTag design tool to create their report templates in Microsoft® Office, a tool they already know. Users can then run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in industry-standard formats.

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Key Windward Benefits

  • Timely and accurate generation of account statements
  • Improved operational efficiency through better information sharing
  • Increased access to usage data, leading to enhanced customer service and business insight
  • A familiar report writing design interface – reports are designed using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Data pulled from unlimited, disparate data sources, including OData, XML files and SQL databases
  • Ability to create sophisticated charts and graphs for quick analysis and decisions
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to other energy reporting solutions
  • Reporting that meets the requirements of government-mandated industry standards


Sample Templates

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