Data Solutions for Software Providers

Reporting and document generation software components that meet the actual needs of your customers.


Fast and Efficient Reporting Components

Whatever your software application does, the reports and documents generated by your customers are very much the public face of your hard work. The output is proof that your software does its job.

And while your development team may have spent years developing your overall application, few teams have the expertise or resources to spend creating a custom reporting or document generation system that gives your customers the data they need on demand.


Why Use Windward for Your Reporting Needs?

You need to deliver customized reports on time and within your budget.

The Windward product suite helps you deliver reports for your business no matter what your department or organization. The Windward Java and .NET engines integrate quickly and cleanly into your process.

Non-developer employees and end users apply the Windward AutoTag design tool to create their report templates in Microsoft® Office®, a tool they already know. Users can then run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted formats.

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Key Windward Benefits


    • Our solutions are both quick to integrate (get up and running with just a few lines of code for either Java or .NET) and quick to use
    • True customization that helps you to deliver better tailored reports than with any other available solution
    • The flexibility to make your reports look exactly as you need them to look with our design tool that uses Word and Excel
    • The ability to pull data from multiple data sources in the same report
    • Output to just about any format you can imagine


Sample Templates

Check out all of our sample templates including Software samples.

Partners and Customers

Reporting solutions from Windward are in use by many software, OEM, and technology businesses, including:

    • Highline Corp
    • CodeObjects
    • Blueprint Software Systems
    • Atiam Technologies
    • Intelligent Documents
    • Business Objects
    • Intrasoft International S.A.
    • Insolve
    • Electronic Learning Arts
    • PC Ware