Windward's Web-Based Reporting

Quickly and easily generate and schedule reports through a secure Web interface.

Just need to add reporting to your Web-Based Application? Great!

The Windward product suite easily embeds advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your existing software application.

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Need web-based reporting for your organization’s internal use?

Windward’s RESTful Reporting Engine can run on either your intranet or the Internet as your internal reporting solution or as part of a larger platform-agnostic solution.

With Windward’s RESTful Engine, it doesn’t matter what language and platform you are using because you work in your favorite programming environment. Integrate the Engine using a simple RESTful API that can be called from browsers and all major programming languages.

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“The process of creating a new report is at least five times faster.” – Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen, Senior Software Engineer, Byggeweb (Docia)