International Collegiate Programming Championships

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Universities have long had national athletic championships. Now there’s Code Wars, an academic competition that demonstrates the programming skill of some of the most brilliant young programmers in the world.

What is a Code War?

A Code War, or hackathon, is when teams of students from top universities work together to analyze a programming problem, create a solution, and then pit their skills against other programming experts. And it all takes place under a deadline of a mere 8 hours.

CodeWarWomenPast Code Wars contests have been various artificial intelligence games. One year, the focus was on teams writing an AI and pathfinder for a limo company in order to transport CEOs from one business to another. In a previous contest, players wrote AI players for a RoboRally-type game, where  robots that moved through factories filled with dangerous obstacles.

Why You Should Care

The future of technology is primarily software. Hackathon participants are the ones who will create that future. And showing up to spend a Saturday writing code for no reason other than the challenge shows that these students are the ones with the curiosity and initiative required to create the brilliant new products no one has thought of yet. (Perspective from the student’s view.)

Championship TrophyDo Computer Science Departments Have Trophy Cases?

Those that have won hackathons do. They use them to display this beautiful glass sailboat trophy guaranteed to make the football team jealous.

Take Part in the Next Code Wars

The 2015 Code War details and signup instructions will be announced soon!